Training & Group Rides

We are cyclists but we take a complete view of the sport. There is more to being a good cyclist than riding your bike. Strength, flexibility, group technique, and of course, diet, are all important. FVRC gives its members the opportunity to become educated in all elements necessary to produce good cyclists. The club believes that you get out of the sport what you put in, but everyone wants something different. Our entire training program is optional, and, like everything about the club, it is inclusive and supportive.

NOTE: All First time riders to the club have to do a Wednesday ride first, and all riders will need to have a road bike to ride with the club, no Aero bars or any other bike allowed on the club rides (these do not mix well in a group ride).

FVRC members ride together through some of the Fraser Valley’s best cycling territory. Sometimes we take it easy and recover from a previous day’s effort; sometimes we do drills and really push our individual boundaries; and, sometimes we just go on a good old-fashioned bike ride. Group rides are what a bike club is all about!